The Gagnon Films Experience

Life is not a single frozen snapshot but a living, breathing, musical tapestry of movement.

Gagnon Wedding Films Crew

With over 25 years experience and having documented more than 1,000 weddings, Fran Gagnon and Associates have become one of the most sought after wedding film makers in Connecticut. What started as a part time venture in the early eighties progressed into a full time career. With a small team of equally committed artists, Fran Gagnon is able to offer the ultimate keepsake for a couple’s wedding day. Fran Gagnon offers a modern, elegant style with a goal of preserving the most important day of your life in an artistic, entertaining and creative manner.

Make no mistake about it – This is not your daddy’s video. It's not a 90's wedding video. This is filmmaking at its finest. A living, breathing artistic interpretation of your wedding day. The most important day of your life will become a part of your personal history, a piece of your family heritage that you can relive over and over again. We’ll make you laugh, we’ll make you cry, but most of all we’ll show you how a Gagnon Film can become a treasured part of your personal family history.

Fran Gagnon's Film Crew


The head honcho, the big kahuna, the top banana, numero uno, chief cook and bottle washer... you get the picture. Fran’s passion for film making and your wedding in CT, is only surpassed by his love for his family. With numerous wedding awards through the years, he’s brought Fran Gagnon Films into the modern era with vision, inspiration and excellence.


A Connecticut School of Broadcasting graduate, Michele keeps everyone young with a contemporary take on film making. Her formal training with the camera combined with a modern approach helps keep Fran Gagnon Films at the cutting edge of the industry. Michele is a great gal and excellent camera operator and we’re excited to have her as part of our team.


The Graybeard of the outfit brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Fran Gagnon Films. His commercial film making career has brought his talents to networks like the Discovery Channel, A&E, Lifetime and others. We’re fortunate to have his considerable camera and technical skills at our disposal.


A frequent collaborator and owner of Kevin Lee Studios, Kevin has been a valuable contributor to Fran Gagnon Films in all facets of cinematography. Kevin has a unique, creative eye that is unsurpassed in the industry. His past work has garnered numerous international awards. Fran Gagnon Films is proud to call Kevin an associate and friend.

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Mazel Tov! Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a coming of age as part of the Jewish faith. It is also a family celebration, so have your Bar/Bat Mitzvah captured with an experienced professional film crew who won't miss any traditions and customs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. We're not sure we want a videographer. We don't feel comfortable in front of a camera.
    • Neither do we! Today's small cameras allow us to be discreet and unobtrusive. You'll hardly know we were there!
  2. Do you use bright lights?
    • No we do not. Our cameras are the best low light cameras available. Any additional lighting we use will be very minimal and usually used only towards the end of the reception.
  3. How long does it take to get the final product? (Our Wedding Film)
    • This depends on the time of year. As a guide it takes approximately 4 - 12 weeks. It takes longer as the year goes on. Beginning of the year weddings will take about 4 weeks and after October weddings taking closer to 12 weeks.
  4. How long have you been filming & editing wedding videos and how many weddings have you filmed?
    • We've been involved in video production for over 30 years with over 1,000 wedding films in our portfolio.
  5. Do you include dialogue from the wedding?
    • Yes! Audio is very important to the final product. Capturing proper audio during the day is a skill set in itself. We use wireless microphones and recorders during the Ceremony and record an audio feed directly from your DJ or Band. The audio is mixed in Post Production to ensure that you'll hear your vows, toasts and every important reading as clear as possible.
  6. Do you have back up equipment?
    • Yes! we always bring multiple cameras, lights and audio recorders. We believe in having redundancy in our system to ensure that your wedding in Connecticut will be fully and properly captured.
  7. What if you have an emergency the day of my wedding and can't make it?
    • We are accredited members of the Connecticut Professional Videographer's Association. This gives us access to many experienced videographers who can take over in case of an emergency.
  8. We live out of state. What is our process for booking you as our wedding videographer?
    • All of our documents are electronic so I can email you a contract to sign. You can pay the deposit with a credit card.
  9. We looked over your entire website and we want to book your wedding cinematography services now to retain the date. What's the fastest way to book you?
    • Call or text now and Fran will send you all the documents ASAP. You can lock in your date the same day.
  10. We are searching for Wedding Videographers in Connecticut. How do we know if you're the right videographer for our wedding in CT?
    • Fran has been filming weddings for over 30 years including many weddings in CT. It will be difficult to find a more seasoned cinematographer who has also stayed up-to-date with modern wedding trends.
  11. Do you have liability insurance?
    • Yes, we are covered from head to toe.
  12. Are you available for corporate work?
    • Absolutely. Fran films a number of corporate functions as well as corporate training videos each year.