fran gagnon wedding filmsDo you use harsh lights?
With our state of the art-low digital cameras, lighting is less of an issue than ever. We never use lights during the ceremony. When it is necessary to use lights (like in a darkened reception site) we use only a small on-camera with adjustable output. We use only the amount of light we need, very careful not to offend anyone with harsh lights.

Do you use wireless microphones?
We use a combination of high quality UHF microphones in the Church and the reception site if needed. UHF mikes operate at a much higher band width than VHF mikes, giving less interference and crystal clear sound. The microphones are very small and unobtrusive. When the audio is mixed in our Studio your video sounds as good as it look!

How long after the Wedding Day will we receive our video?
This depends on the time of year of your wedding. As the wedding season progresses we fall further and further behind in editing. Therefore, if your Wedding is in April or May you may get your Video back within 2 or 3 weeks. If your Wedding is between October to December, 12-15 week waits are more common. As a general rule 2 to 16 week waits are the norm. Editing is a time consuming, creative process which cannot be rushed! Fran Gagnon takes great pride in the editing of every Video! This is where the artistic techniques come together. Be patient and you’ll have a treasured keepsake that you’ll be proud to show your family and friends.

Can I choose my own music for the video?
Absolutely! Provide whatever music you want in C.D. or tape form and we’ll incorporate it into your edited video. Don’t worry though, if you choose not to provide the music we have an extensive audio library here to select from.

Will I have input into how my video is edited?
Although, we don’t allow anyone in the Studio during editing, we schedule a pre-Wedding Day consultation about a month before the Wedding. At this time we review your itinerary for the day and obtain any materials such as photos, music and invitation. We also go over all of the details of the Ceremony and Reception and find out what’s important to you. Your Video will reflect your preferences and personalities!

How many pictures should I get for the opening photo montage?
Since Video is a very creative medium, we don’t restrict the number of your photos to include. We merely suggest between 35 to 40 photos. 15 of the Bride growing up, 15 of the groom growing up and 5-10 of the couple together makes a nice mix. This number fits the timing of one average song pretty well. Remember, the photo montage is designed to be an emotional opening to the Video. If it’s too long it loses its effect and threatens turning the opening into a “yawn fest”.

Do you enjoy your work?
Yes, yes, yes! Despite many opportunities to make more money in other endeavors. I’ve always come back to my first love-Video! This is a wonderful, powerful and meaningful medium! Furthermore my associates reflect this commitment. Personal Videography will last an eternity.

How can I see a sample of these videos?
The best way to truly experience this wonderful medium is to make an appointment to view some our work, and to meet here in the Studio. Appointments are made afternoons, evenings and some weekends. Please call or e-mail us for availability. You can also visit our online Video Gallery and view some samples.

Do you have back up in case of illness?
Yes, Fran Gagnon Videography employs several top notch Videographers. Furthermore, we never overbook, leaving extra camera operators in case of an emergency. We are not a volume Video Production Company. We aim for quality not quantity. For this reason we advise to book early. Prime dates book very quickly.

Do you have backup on equipment on site?
Of course! At every Wedding we have reserve cameras, mikes, lights and batteries. In fact, we probably bring too much extra equipment! But, we want every Wedding to go off without a hitch. You can never be too careful, so we make sure that we have plenty of everything!