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  • Digital Delivery of Your Wedding Film

    Fran Gagnon Films delivers an experience, not just a video.
    The era of optical discs, like DVDs, is quickly coming to an end. Fran Gagnon Films is proud to offer the next generation of movie delivery – complete on line digital delivery. Experience your wedding film in spectacular high-definition with easy to navigate blu-ray style menus.
    This is a cloud based system that will play on any tablet, smart phone, computer or internet based smart TV. In addition we provide all of the original files on a personalized thumb drive for safe keeping.
    You can save the original high-definition files to as many computer hard drives as you’d like and you can play the videos on most anything with a USB port. The thumb drive is compatible with devices like Apple TV, Roku and many game consoles.
    There are many advantages to on line digital delivery. For one, it’s high-definition. There are no discs to scratch or degrade. Your Wedding Film can be easily called up and shared on any device in a matter of seconds. There’s no need for any kind of Player. Digital delivery future proofs you from any format changes to come. You may want to upload your wedding film to a new service in the future and you’ll be ready to do so. The files are very versatile and give you a myriad of managing possibilities.
    Our hosting service, Mediazilla, allows you to open up a free video library (sort of like shutterfly but for videos). We highly recommend that you take advantage of this service and move your wedding film with the easy to navigate menus to your private library. Using this cloud based service to store your valuable media library is the best way to keep it safe for generations to come as physical media quickly deteriorates and is easily lost or damaged.
    Still a little nervous about giving up your DVDs or Blu-ray? Don’t worry, we can still make them for you if you prefer. We can make any combination of DVDs, Blu-ray discs and on line presentations to satisfy everyone in your family. The delivery possibilities have never been so varied!